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Court of the Dead

Jun 10, 2013

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"Mara, circa 1886" custom Munny by DeeTen

I present to you "Mara, circa 1886". Her base is a 7'' Munny, made with fabric, wood, clay, and metal. She will be available at for $450. She stands 10.5'' tall, 6.5'' wide and 5'' in depth.

During the expedition of 1886 into our only known parallel world our expedition toured the 13 Great Cities. Our expedition team was given this statue of the deity Mara, Goddess of Wealth and Guardian of the 6 paths, while at the city hidden city of Cleopatra. The city's golden spires and towers in a valley surrounded by towering mountain ranges was a sight to behold. These statues were present in many of the local businesses and places of gathering while our team explored the wonders the city had to offer. It was said that burning money inside of the statue's stove stomach would bring wealth in forms other than material. Burning other items would result in different outcomes. One of our explorers took a chance and immediately reached an epiphany in her science and technology studies. Our group was also taken to a large Mara carving nearly as tall as the mountain range it was carved into it. The mountain range was stated to be the tallest in their world and below the carving were six enormous stone archways leading into its depths. Officials told the explorers these paths were forbidden and sealed to protect the city, from what, they never answered. Locals however told them of legends that the paths led to 6 temples scattered in the reaches of the vast mountain range. The temples are legends themselves, since only one of the six paths had ever been explored. The Kuma Path led to the edge of a canyon that must have been several miles deep with the opposing cliff even farther than the canyon was deep and. Out of the mist that shrouded the other cliff a single golden spire could be seen reaching into the sky. Nothing like it had ever been seen in their world or ours for that matter. Expeditions trying to cross the canyon never returned thus deeming the paths too treacherous as half of the citizens of Cleopatra tried and failed. Weather in the mountain ranges were supernaturally unpredictable and harsh. Air ships tried only to be torn apart, even the Floating City of Alexandria suffered enough damage to begin losing it's altitude and turn back. The arches were sealed off still yet to be explored. Our explorers noted that local superstition believed the 6 path temples could each access a different realm, the most commonly mention being heaven and hell. The explorer that tested the deity statue suggested one temple might even access our own realm.
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