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Court of the Dead

May 14, 2012

Resin is King reveal, series drops Friday May 18

Resin is King Series 1 is a blind-box resin figure series developed by Dead Hand Toys and Tenacious Toys. We called in 7 talented resin artists to contribute new sculpts to this series. Each piece is just under 3 inches tall, and each blind box will retail for $25. There are a total of 40 pieces in this series. The release date is this Friday, May 18th at 8pm EST on our Resin is King page.

Above is the first time we've publicly released real, full-color images of the pieces in the series. Note that this picture only illustrates one colorway for each sculpt/artist. Each artist did in fact submit pieces in a variety of colorways- every piece in this 40-piece series is uniquely painted, so in reality the image above is not even close to a full reveal. The ratios indicated show the chances of pulling a piece from that artist.

Each blind box will contain one 2.75" tall figure, a sticker and a ratio card. The artists in Series 1 are: Motorbot, Jay222, Matt A*, Brian Ahlbeck, Dave Bondi, Rich Page and Bad Applez Inc.

Below is the Golden Ticket Teuth figure by Brian Ahlbeck. The Golden Ticket will be randomly inserted into one of the blind boxes. GOOD LUCK!


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