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Court of the Dead

Mar 13, 2010

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JUN Planning Steampunk Pullip dolls coming this year

We saw these at Toy Fair and we were captivated: JUN Planning, maker of high-end collectible dolls, is coming out with a Steampunk Project line of their Pullip dolls. Pullips dolls are 12 inches tall, fully articulated and have moving eyes. Quite a site to behold, especially when decked out in Steampunk pseudo-Victorian garb. If you're interested, let us know via email. They will only be making 2000 pieces of each figure and the ordering window is short for us.

UPDATE: Below is the picture of the first figure in the Stempunk Pullip Project series, Eos!
Eos will ship to retailers in July and will cost $150.


  1. Fantastic, I really love this cute doll and just ordered this at PIJ. I am so happy...
    Thank you very much for your excellent share. Really very attractive console.


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