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Court of the Dead

Feb 15, 2010

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INSIDE TOY FAIR: Vamplets 7" baby vampire plushes

One of the first gems of Toy Fair I found was the Vamplets line of 7- to 8-inch tall baby vampire plushes by artist G-Ra. They retail for around $15 each. There are currently 6 characters available: (starting at upper left and moving clockwise:) Burton Creepson Jr, Cadaverson Nightshade, Count Vlad Von Gloom, Midnight Mori, Lily Rose Shadowlyn & Evilyn Nocturna. There will soon be companion animals to go along with them. There's also a Disappearing Bottle of Blood accessory for the Vamplets for just $4.95.
You can explore the backstories and the extensive world of the Vamplets here- there's lots to see on their website!
Vamplets set up a great cross-promotion with the Toy Fair: they had a second booth in the back where you could donate blood, and Vamplets would give you either a special-edition plush or a special Vamplets t-shirt as a gift for your generosity.
We're really diggin these cute/creepy plushes; email us at if you want to see Vamplets in our store! They really are very cuddly and huggable, I can personally attest to that.


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