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Court of the Dead

Feb 15, 2010

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INSIDE TOY FAIR: Live art by the Elite Gudz crew

I was really excited when, at the last minute, I heard that the artists from Elite Gudz had been tapped to perform live art and customization in the Designer Toys aisle of the NY Toy Fair! The platforms for this project are the Mannequinz you see in the following shots.
Elite Gudz, headed up by street artist/designer/entrepreneur Phetus, is a Long Island, NY-based creative studio. One of their many projects is the Concrete Immortalz comic book. Their roster of artists includes some of the best and brightest of NY-area street artists from all walks of the art world: Phetus' resume spans the fashion, design & comic book worlds, Rolo works in illustration and fashion, Mr Den is a tattoo artist, sculptor & painter, Brian works on comic books and handles PR for Elite Gudz, Narek's a digital painter & illustrator, my buddy NEMO, of course, is an independent sculptor & painter extraordinaire who I've mentioned countless times.
Toy Fair got in touch with Elite Gudz not so long ago and offered them a spot so they could show attendees some art in action. I have to say, their booth does lend quite a bit of street cred to an otherwise all-business convention.

Elite Gudz setting up early Sunday, the first day of Toy Fair:
Rolo gets to work on a Wall Lord-themed Mannequin:
Narek, NEMO & Phetus starting their projects:
Rolo cannot be stopped, he just bangs out the most amazing illustrations in minutes:
Mr Den sometimes smiles.
But even when he does, he somehow still looks like he might rip your arms off. He's a really nice guy, I swear:
NEMO in his element, pushin clay:
Phetus at the start of what looks like a very colorful Mannequinz project:
I told you Rolo works fast. The dude's a phenom:
If you can, stop by booth #4954 on the lower level of the Javits to check out the artists at work!
I am sure Elite Gudz will be posting up pics of the finished Mannequinz on their website after Toy Fair.
You can also fan them on Facebook.


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