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Court of the Dead

Jan 27, 2010


Coarse Toys false friends loser – signature edition for retailers

coarse unveils the global retail version of their 'false friends' series, a set of two original vinyl statues. This release incorporates 'paw!' and 'noop' as they continue their fragile friendship.

The coarse artists once again display the depth of the brand, bringing about a perfect balance between subtle pastel colors, refined textures and solid forms. This merging together of contrasting ideas and styles has given coarse its definition, and has gained international acclaim in recent years.

This year coarse will roll out its cross over project with Ashley Wood, display its works in Paris, Chicago and Tokyo as well as disclosing several new releases.

This chapter sees noop and paw! awaken under the morning sun over the elastomer. Everything seems to be peaceful and pristine, and the unassuming pair enjoy their time together in the blissful warmth. A twist in the narration, however, suggests that life would not always be this easy, and that perhaps they are part of bigger system, a system with other intentions for them.

The young noop and paw! duo come in a thriving yellow sunrise version, nurtured in protective sponge. They are packed in a lifesize paw! and noop face box, enclosed with a clear sleeve with an attached monkey rabbit nose.

Take care of your new seedlings and their futures could be saved.

In stores worldwide February 2010.
Suggested retail HK$ 3388 (approx $435 US dollars)


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