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December 5, 2012

Dead Toy Soldiers by Ron English and Made by Monsters

I was just asked by another blogger if I am going to be carrying these Dead Toy Soldiers by Ron English and Garage Works... initially I said no, because they make me sad and depressed about the loss of our troops overseas. I am personally against all wars we are currently conducting on foreign soil. I disagree fundamentally with the motivations behind all of those wars. I believe deep in my soul that all the geopolitical reasons the politicians give us to justify the wars are facades for our real motivation: poppy fields in Afghanistan (heroin) and oil fields in Iraq. In other words, money. I am deeply troubled by the deaths of American soldiers, and the citizens of all of those countries, that have occurred during my lifetime.

But then I realized that this type of collectible is indeed thought-provoking, and got me to think about these issues once again today. And as we all know, Ron English is a master at creating collectibles that force you to take sides, discuss, argue, disagree, emote... and in that sense these figures are very successful.

But I still struggle with selling an item like this- would that make me a bad person? Would that mean I am glorifying the deaths of American troops, or would it mean that I am trying to shed a light on hot-button issues that are poignant and relevant?

What's everyone think? Leave a comment!