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Court of the Dead

Jun 14, 2018

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Kaiju Kingdom Shorties by Baykiddead

Baykiddead had an amazing experience at recent Five Points Fest, where tons of people were introduced to his art. Following up the successful event, Baykiddead is now formally releasing Kaiju Kingdom Shorties, which is a smaller version of the complete figures seen at Five Points. These hand cast and painted resin figures consist of a head and set of legs. Available now is just 5 variations of the possible 110 variations that can be created. Be sure to check out Baykiddead's store to pick up one of these Shorties.

About Kaiju Kingdom from Baykiddead:
Kaiju Kingdom is my third "line" of toys. When conceptualizing what I was
going to do with this new universe, I knew I that wanted to go nuts and
bite off more than I thought I could chew. As such, I created ten
different figures; composed of a head, torso, set of legs, and two arms.
When designing them, I wanted to be able to switch pieces so that one head
could fit on any of the torsos and so on. A full Kaiju Kingdom Warrior is
made up of five parts, and as such, a complete set (including the bonus
"chase" head) yields 110,000 different characters.

These Shorties are smaller versions of the complete figures that were on
display in Brooklyn. Composed of a head and a set of legs, there are 110
different iterations of these hand-cast and hand-painted resin monsters.
The current release is limited to five of these variations. Each one is
cast in different colored resins, with a variety of overspray, and detail
paint. They stand anywhere from 5.75" to just over 6" and have
articulation at the joint between the head and legs. They come signed and
numbered with bag and header.

Price is $90 plus shipping. (Both to the US and international buyers)

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- Mark-Anthony


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