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Court of the Dead

Mar 8, 2018

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Kidrobot Futurama Furry Little Nibbler 7-inch Medium Flocked Vinyl Figure In Stock Now


Oh, Schnunhoms! Kidrobot is excited to team up again with Futurama for the Furry Little Nibbler 7-inch Art Figure by Kidrobot. With his (unintentionally) adorable vinyl exterior, Nibbler masquerades as the cute unintelligent pet of Leela, Dressed in a dashing cape and smelly diaper, you’d never suspect Nibbler is really an undercover, highly intelligent being on a mission to protect the planet Earth from evil Brainspawn! Paired with a tray of kitty litter to catch his powerful poo, and coming flocked for the very first time, Nibbler is ready to save our small planet and power a few spacecraft along the way.


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