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Mar 5, 2018

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KITTYPILLAR Chartreux 8-inch vinyl collectible by Casey Weldon x ThreeA In Stock Now

Kittypillar Chartreux

Made of Vinyl
Stands Approx 8" Tall
Features 4 points of Articulation
Casey Weldon and ThreeA proudly present The Kittypillar Vinyl Collectible Series! Inspired by Casey Weldon's paintings which depict eerie and adorable bugged out felines, this new figure series brings his charming cat-like creations to life. Standing 8" tall, the majestic Kittypillar is 100% vinyl, features rotating body segments and an articulated head. There are many breeds of Kittypillar, which one will you adopt?

The Domestic Chartreux likes to spend its days napping in the sun, hollering to be fed, and exercising as little as possible.


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