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Court of the Dead

Apr 3, 2017

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Marcos Lorenzo announces "All Pain & No Gain" as a ToyCon UK 2017 Exclusive

Marcos Lorenzo is happy to share with you his new release for ToyCon UK 2017, called “All Pain & No Gain”. This is a commissioned series of 10 units, with 8 units available to the public exclusively at the ToyCon UK 2017. 

This piece intended to reflect a balance between strength and weakness, or how it’s important not to be a winner but to keep fighting. Maybe a homage of those people who continue getting up one time and another despite having fallen. It’s an inner fight and an inner win. And this is translated to the body pose, where the balance of the figurine was one of the more difficult points to solve because of the S shape of the body and the aligned legs and arms.

This pieces is a hand crafted resin Toy with faux leather, fabric and acrylics.
Each piece is 1/6 scale standing 250mm (9.9 inches) tall.
Series of 10 units: 2 commissioned pieces and 8 more open to public.

Hit the jump for more photos and make sure to check it out if you are going to ToyCon UK this year.


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