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Court of the Dead

Jul 5, 2016

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Lego Music Box - "All Was Well" by Wintergatan

You'll notice a bit of Lego bricks above. Well this isn't covering your average build...
It's been a while since I last had anything to say about Lego, and it's not because there aren't a lot of things to say, to the contrary, there are always things to say! So let me get started by showing one unusual and unique creation that was made with the help of a good smattering of Lego Technique parts.

Wintergaten, who is the musical act you will see below in the video, using the Lego infused instrument, is a Swedish folktronica band from Göteborg. Martin Molin and Marcus Sjöberg previously were part of the former band Detektivbyrån.

The reason I'm posting this is because the usage of toys, especially something as wonderfully free and expressive as the Lego system of bricks, can be some of the most out of the box thinking and problem solving you will ever find.

Many of you can relate in how the mainstream doesn't totally get how toys are the most common physical representations of developments in science, imagination, art, invention, and expression. All too often, it's relegated to the idea that toys are "kid stuff". Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some major corporations use them for team building exercises, some celebrities use them for relaxation or mental challenges, and robotics and programming clubs all around the world use them for education and competition.

So it's no real surprise to see Lego making it's way into music is it now?

Till my next update, enjoy the music performance in the video below. The band also has a great build video on their channel as well for how the music box was made using Technique blocks and gears.

- Mario, the Artisan Rogue


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