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Court of the Dead

Oct 5, 2015

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Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusives, Show Specials and Signings

 This post contains, more or less, all of the Tenacious Toys New York Comic Con offerings, including all of our Exclusives, all of the Show Specials, and our signings. Come to Booth 208 for the following Exclusive items:
  • Big C Baby Fatts Stone Idol Edition
  • ETC Toys Mini Grayskull
  • Fizz Kids Character Backstory prints
  • Forces of Dorkness Bluebacca
  • Forces of Dorkness Gimp2-D2
  • Jacob JAMS Blue Nurikabe
  • Kid Ink Custom Hikari Groot
  • Kid Ink Custom Oreion Space Alien by Magitarius
  • Kid Ink Custom Ron English Dino Grenade
  • Matt A x MaloApril Tricky Treater
  • Matt Obscure Perez Oop Blue
  • Mike Die x Melodreama FingerBot & SquareBot Blue Set
  • Mr Munk assorted customs
  • Mr Munk Custom 3" Dunnys
  • Mr Munk Custom Androids
  • NEMO x Dead Hand Toys Krampus
  • Patrick Wong BEATS Series 6: MPC 3000 LE
  • Pickman's Vinyls Holy Droids
  • Pickman's Vinyls Officer Log
  • Pickman's Vinyls Trial by Stone- Trophy Edition
  • Rampage Toys x Skullheadbutt HAG X
  • Renone Labs Fat Jason: Worst Exclusive Ever
  • Sekure D Codename Hulk
  • Sekure D Codename Jong Un
  • Sekure D Kid Blob 1 & 2
  • Sekure D Totem Fatcap
  • Suckadelic SUCKLE Series 2 Blue 10pc Set
  • Taylored Curiosities Blue Tenacious Coralites
  • Tru Slithers Box Cutter
  • Tru Slithers Castle Fiend
  • Tru Slithers Castle Freak
  • Tru Slithers Nosferatu
  • UME Toys GeekWok in Blue Carbonite
  • Wuz One Batty OOAK
  • Wuz One Turk OOAK
We will also have for sale the following non-exclusive items:
  • Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh Noir
  • Nerviswr3k Inner Child Blue 
  • Milbatallas by Entusiasta Gallery
  • Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Blue
  • Jon-Paul Kaiser Star Wars: A New Hope custom Qees and Munnys
  • 3A Night Fixer Jenkins
  • 3A Paschas
  • Barbie Collector 10th Anniversary Tokidoki Barbie Doll
  • Jason Freeny Dissected Gingerbread Man Chalkboar, DIY, Gold, Silver and OG colors
  • Jason Freeny Micro Anatomic OG, Mono and Black/Green colors
  •  Fizz Kids complete set of 6 by Carbonation Toys
  •  Coarse Omen keychains


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