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Oct 5, 2015

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Playful Gorilla x 4theLuvofToyz NYCC Signings and Guests

 We can always count on Alex (Playful Gorilla) and Cash (4theLuvofToyzNY) to bring to NYCC the freshest talent. Here is their signing schedule:

11AM: Jason Meents
2PM: Tavvon Reynolds
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust) 

Noon: Mike Die
2PM: Tony Tran
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust)

1PM: Jason Meents
3PM: Hon-Bun Leung
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust)

Noon: Micky Fielder (Dad's Cartoons)
1PM: Hon-Bun Leung
2PM: Jason Meents
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust)

And of course... Alex Rivera and Cash Cannon will be there on all days! 


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