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Aug 15, 2015

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Playful Gorilla & Crossfaded Bacon Present No Toon Left Behind - The Mixtape: Classic Cartoon Themes Mixed, Re-Mixed, and Compiled by DJ Emynd

 Download/Purchase Individual Tracks:

01. No Toon Left Behind Intro
02. Emynd ft Eminem - The Business vs Batman Remix
03. Batman The Animated Series Theme
04. Batman Original Theme
05. Spiderman Original Theme
06. Emynd ft Jay-Z - H to the Izzo vs Spiderman Remix
07. Animaniacs Original Theme
08. Emynd ft Camp Lo - Luchini vs Animaniacs Remix
09. Pinky And The Brain Original Theme
10. Masta Killa - Brain
11. Commerical Break: Animaniacs - Wakko's America
12. He-Man Original Theme
13. Emynd ft Dr. Dre & Eminem - Forgot About Dre vs He-Man Remix
14. Underdog Original Theme
15. Wu-Tang Clan - Aint Nuthin' to F Wit
16. Voltron Original Theme
17. Emynd ft Outkast - B.O.B. vs Voltron Remix
18. Transformers Soundtrack - Under Siege
19. Emynd ft Freeway, Jay-Z, & Beanie Sigel - What We Do vs Transformers Remix
20. Robotech Original Theme
21. Emynd ft Bone Thugs - Thuggish Ruggish Bone vs Robotech Remix
22. Pink Pather Original Theme
23. Emynd ft D12 - Purple Pills vs Pink Panther Remix
24. X-Men Animated Series Original Theme
25. Emynd ft Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted vs X-Men Remix
26. Commercial Break: Animaniacs - Yakko's Nations
27. Thunder Cats Original Theme
28. Emynd ft Notorious BIG - Victory vs Thunder Cats Remix
29. Peanuts Original Theme
30. Emynd ft Crime Mob - Knuck if You Buck vs Peanuts Remix


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