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Court of the Dead

Jul 28, 2015

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INCREDIBLY Talented Artist Jason Jacenko has Massive Stroke, Needs Your Assistance via GoFundMe

I wouldn't wish a stroke on anyone, but it hits closest to home (for me) when it's one of US. And by us, I mean this small, intimate art toy community. It happened to Andy (ToysREvil) and he will be the first to tell you that post-stroke life is NOT EASY. Regretfully, it sounds like Jason's stroke was even more severe than Andy's was, and he's going to need outside help to continue his art career.... to that end, Jason's partner Sally Ann has set up a GoFundMe campaign here to help aid in his care

Jason Jacenko aka Atomika aka 696 Ink Tattoos has produced some of the most whimsical, detailed and gorgeous custom toys we've ever seen.

A Google Image search of Jason's toys just mind-blowing.

Please give a little to this artist who deserves your help.
I just donated.

- Benny Kline

969 Ink (tattoo studio) 


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