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Court of the Dead

May 4, 2015

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ThreeA Metal Gear Rex "Half-Size Edition"

Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Rex Metal Gear Solid Collectible Figure

One of the issues I have with ThreeA is the sheer size of some of the items they offer to me... I run a fairly small operation, so receiving, storing and then shipping giant ThreeA high-end pieces is kinda difficult for us at Tenacious Toys. Not to mention the fact that items prices over $300 tend to scare the art toy crowd away... I guess ThreeA realized that they better offer a smaller/cheaper option of some of those items.

Behold: the Metal Gear Rex "Half-Size Edition." Tons of articulation, just like the big version, but at a height of just 8.35" (20cm). The rail gun is about 11.5" long. Great size for a collector! Click here to check out more pics and read a bit more. Apparently this month (May) they will also be releasing the Metal Gear Ray, which I think I actually like more than the Rex!


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