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Court of the Dead

May 1, 2015

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The "Little Green Men" Show

The tagline alone should be enough to get you over to the show.  "In space no one can hear you fart."  Leecifer and SubUrban Vinyl present The "Little Green Men" Show!

Saturday May 16th 2015 (6pm-9pm) the invasion commences over Waldwick, NJ as all manner of PickleBaby descend to land at SubUrban Vinyl Designer Toy & Art Gallery! A list of earthly conspirators practicing a wide variety of artistic disciplines has been revealed  to include (in no particular order) – 
JC Rivera • Josh Herbolsheimer • Betso • Daniel Talone • Paul Kaiju • Jason Limon • Carson Catlin • Brent Nolasco • John Grayson • PJ Constable • Scott Tolleson • Jay222 • Bwana Spoons • Tim Lee • Mechavirus • Scott Wilkowski • Yosiell Lorenzo • Flat Bonnie • Bob Conge • Lou Pimentel • Josh Kimberg • Matt Walker • Nathan Hamill • Joe Scarano • Task One • Spanky Stokes • Southerndrawl • valleyDweller • Blazon Brikhaus • Bleeding Edges • Nemo • Mikie Graham • Furry Feline Creatives • Dead Hand Toys • George Gaspar • Jacob Jams • Candie Bolton • Eric Broers • Daniel Fleres • Stacia Murphy • Pon • Cash Cannon • Soko Cat • Nebulon5 • DrilOne • Leecifer & more! 
Time to gather up your magnetometer, Ronco pocket radar, panoptic digitally assisted video recorder and fellow UFO nut… hunters for a PickleBaby encounter of the 5th kind (partying w/ the aliens) at 4 Frederick Street Waldwick, NJ, 07463. Just don’t park on the crop circle!!! Sightings will continue through June 13th.

 +The Highest Fever


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