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Court of the Dead

Apr 26, 2015

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3A Evenfall T.O.T.E.M Thug Pugillo up on Sideshow site
Looks like Sideshow has a preorder up for the 3A x Evenfall TOTEM Thug Pugillo 16-inch figure.

T.O.T.E.M consists of a select few that are the Earth's first line of defense. They are a covert group whose mission is to investigate and eradicate the interstellar horrors that plague the universe. 

The THUG are their weapon of choice, a remote operated bots capable of taking the enemy head on. Pugillo likes it rough. Savors every crunch under foot and a nice slow squeeeeeze until snap.

Ashley Wood Evenfall TOTEM Thug Pugillo Ashley Wood Sixth Scale Figure- click here for more pics!


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