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Court of the Dead

Apr 17, 2015

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Luke Chueh's "Dissected" Vinyl Sculpture Kickstarter Update

For those of who don't know, Clutter Magazine (The Clutter Gallery) has teamed up with Luke Chueh and Unbox Industries to produce a vinyl version of Luke Chueh's Dissected Bear head. Originally released as a Kenner Blue Prototype resin version at NYCC 2014, a lot of people were pretty bummed that they were not able to pick one up and that they were never going to be produced again. Well, thanks to what is an already funded Kickstarter, the Dissected in Kenner Blue Prototype is now available as both a Reward Tier and add-on to any other reward tier. Priced at $40 plus shipping, the new Tier can now be selected in Kickstarter, or the Kenner Blue version can be added to an existing reward tier for $30. The price is very reasonable, considering that the retail price for the painted Dissected sculpture will be $80, or $60 plus shipping through Kickstarter. Everyone should check out the Dissected Sculpture Kickstarter page and pledge for a reward, keeping in mind that money is not collected until the Kickstarter has ended and is completely funded.


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