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Apr 15, 2015


Fizz Kids from Carbonation Toys

Meet the Fizz Kids: what happens when fuzzy wuzzy toys meet an explosion of carbonated bubbliness.

Fizz Kids is a new line of figures from Carbonation Toys. What makes these different from most other pieces is the packaging. Each figure comes in a custom soda can relating to the individual character. With a twist and pull, the outer shell of the can comes apart from the base and the figure inside is revealed.

The sculpts are interesting and the attention to detail in paint and design is great, with figures  encapsulated in a plastic dome for ease of display (figures come out of dome to stand alone if you prefer to display it without the dome).

Bone Crusher Rootbeer
Zombie Juice
Cranked Cola
Vicious Dog Sparkling Water
Rummy Cola

All Fizz Kids figures are $14.99 each in their shop here, or you can grab all 6 as a set for $81. Looks like Fizz Kids is going the direct-to-consumer route instead of opting for a distributor, which means their shop is the only place you can grab these awesome little figures! 

About Carbonation Toys:

Carbonation Toys is a Shreveport, LA based, family-owned company specializing in “Pop Vinyl” collectible figures and related merchandise.  Unlike other toys sold in typical throw away window boxes, the Fizz Kids line of toys are sold in a patent-pending packaging, which delivers each character in a protective, internal clear dome display case that is covered by a character-specific, removable outer sleeve in the form of a 70s retro soda can.  Our unique delivery system not only allows us to incorporate the package into the design of our characters, it promotes reducing waste by making the packaging just as important as the character. 

Our first line of six characters was released in January, and we recently debuted at the Louisiana Comic Con.  The brand is very unique, as the product packaging is incorporated into the character, unlike nearly all other urban vinyl toys.  Also, it is a patent pending packaging/delivery/display system.

Our brand is a collective creation between my company, an independent toy designer who started in the early 2000s producing vinyl and a freelance artist.  Our plan is to work with multiple artists in the future, and we started networking with some at Comic Con to tap for future series.  We are currently in the planning phase for our next six-pack, which we are targeting for release this summer.

To follow along with Carbonation Toys, please check out their social media:

They also have a fun backstory about "The Incident" which happened in 1985 and led to these twisted Fizz Kids creatures!


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