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Court of the Dead

Feb 17, 2015

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Bulletpunk: Baby TEQ63 by Quiccs

Quiccs work is quite awesome and pretty affordable. One of the most recent releases, not sold out, is the Baby TEQ63 Custom resin 3" Dunnys. Available now through Hidden Fortress Manila, each Baby TEQ63 is priced at $20 each plus shipping, while picking up the Yin and Yang pair is priced at $30 plus shipping. For reference, shipping on the Yin and Yang pair to the US is $15. Each colorway is limited to just 30 pieces and should be ready to ship. In the works is a similar 8" Munny version of this character, set to be completed in March. Be sure to check out Hidden Fortress Manila to pick up a pair of these Baby TEQ63 and follow Quiccs on FB to see what's getting created.


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