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Court of the Dead

Feb 19, 2015

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Evilos Custom Amiibo to sell on Toys R Us website

Evilos has been pumping out great custom art work for some time now.  And when I saw the work he was doing on Nintendo's Amiibo figures I knew they'd be a hit with collectors.  It seems that someone at Toys R Us feels the same way.  Evilos has announced that his custom Amiibos will soon be available through the TRU website.  This is groundbreaking on so many levels.  To get to see an artist rise in popularity, and get recognized is fantastic in of itself.  But to have that artists work distributed on a large corporate chain like TRU really means something to the community as a whole. Hopefully this opens up more to the world of custom toys and collecting.

All of us here at Tenacious Toys want to congratulate Chistopher Avalos for such an achievement and well earned recognition of his work.

Now I fully expect you to make Evilos a DLC character in Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo.

+The Highest Fever


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