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Court of the Dead

Dec 9, 2013

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Suburban Vinyl Exclusive Green Dead Kozik Bust - Available now

SubUrban Vinyl exclusive Green Dead Kozik Bust
What originally started as a sculpture created by Kevin Gosselin, for the Frank Kozik tribute show, turned into a successfully funded Kickstarter to get Kevin's creation into full on production. After many months of waiting, the production versions of the Dead Kozik busts are starting to show up at retailers doorsteps. First up, is Suburban Vinyl, who recently received their shipment of exclusive Green Dead Kozik busts. For those who maybe missed out on the original Kickstarter, can now buy the Green Dead Kozik bust and possibly have it in time for the holidays.
Green Dead Kozik Bust on display at SubUrban Vinyl
Keep an eye out for more colorways in the future. The best way to keep production costs down is to make multiple colorways of the same design.


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