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Court of the Dead

Dec 11, 2013

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Furleidoscope Blind Box Release Party

Furleidoscope Custom Show and Blind Box Release Party
Artist Markus Sjero will be presenting his Furly figure and customs from Bas Petter, Dennis Bauser, Cash Cannon, DeeTen, Diogo Machado, MetaMephisto, Don P., FlawToys, Bill Hewitt, jFury, K.Omega, One-Eyed Girl, Mike Die, ReetNeet, Brent Swart, TaskOner, Tony DeVito, Topz Greenfull ToyDesign, ViseONE, deadLemming, Frau Isa, Sixxa, repet-X, Sarah Lumen Heine!  The show will be presented at the AdHocPad-Gallery in Austria on December 13th.

After the show they will launch the sale of the customized Furlys as blindboxes. And as a very special opportunity the Outland-Store in Amsterdam will sell exclusively 9 Colorway Furlys too.

You can find out more here.

-The Highest Fever


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