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Court of the Dead

Aug 24, 2012

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Mini Spider Bot by DeeTen

"The mini spider bot was not the perfect machine for assassination or various other means of stealthy espionage. But that did not stop it from seeing wide usage. However, now obsolete, they make marvelous decor pieces! There are different models with the same basic design. Differences vary from body type to five or four coil engines; the pictured bot has a five coil engine. Each spider bot is for display only and has been indefinitely deactivated due to their destructive nature. Some even poisoned the wrong targets with their laced belly stingers.

Straight from new custom toy designer DeeTen come these mini spider bots. Each one embodies both the cuteness and deadliness you would expect from former objects of destruction. Limited to a run of only 10 pieces, these are going to go fast. Eight of these are a red colorway while two are a limited pink colorway. They are available now for $150 a piece at DeeTen's store. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Each order consists of:
1 Spider Bot: Random model of specified color
1 Glass Dome + Base Display

Dome + base height - 6.5"
Base with - 6.75''
Spider bot approx 5.5'' wide
Spider height approx 4" tall


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