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Court of the Dead

Sep 17, 2011

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TEASER: Matt Anderson 16-inch Qee custom for NYCC

Matt Anderson is going to be coming up to New York with a few amazing custom pieces that will knock your socks off. We both agreed we wanted this one to be somewhat of a surprise, so here's all you get for now: this aggravatingly cropped teaser image of a large-scale Toy2R Qee he customized for our NYCC Booth (#876). Matt will be signing alongside Rsin at our booth at 1PM on Friday October 14th.

Just a warning: When you actually see this custom fully revealed, there's a 90% chance you will scream and die immediately.
Also: Matt loves this custom so much that, if you survive the unveiling and you want to buy it, you might actually have to fight him for it in a brutal cage match.

If you want to get the scoop on what Matt's working on, follow his Facebook.


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