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Court of the Dead

Jan 28, 2011


Trains of Fame show in Paris: opening night video!

Okay, most of you don't know this but I've traveled all around Europe, been to Paris probably 5 or 6 times, among many other cities. But that was when I was traveling on my parent's dime, and we did touristy-type stuff like visiting les musees et le Tour Eiffel, Pompidou, Notre Dame, etc. It was very fun, Paris is a great city, and it broadened my horizons and all that.  blah blah blah
But now that I'm a big boy, and I am in contact with all these awesome graf/toy/artsy people over in Europe, here's what I REALLY wanna do next time I'm in Paris:

Trains of Fame party at Gallery Oberkampf.


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