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Court of the Dead

Dec 5, 2010

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VISEone: Think Pink Celle drop Dec 6th, plus Floxy vinyl toys

Think Pink Celle is a limited-edition 5.5-inch resin figure designed and produced by my man VISEone. The figure was produced for a German shop called Think Pink- it's a 3D representation of their store mascot. Think Pink has the exclusive on the green colorway below, which has a limited edition of 15 hand-signed and numbered pieces. They will be selling for 49 euros on December 6th.

VISEone will be selling the two different pink versions (opaque and translucent) on his own site on December 6th to coincide with the release of Think Pink's green colorway. 

And on Dec 11th VISEone will be selling the 3 as-yet-unsold Comic Stripped versions (above) for 120 euros on his own site.

VISEone has also been working in vinyl: the new PatchTogether Floxy the Fox vinyl mini figures will be for sale December 6th at PatchTogether, and at selected retailers. Wholesale inquiries can be directed here. VISEone has his own exclusive colorway of Floxy: pink with a black skeleton, which accompanies the NYCC black & white colorway. VISEone's pink exclusive colorway is limited to 40 pieces and comes signed by VISEone, and you can buy it here for $9.99 each.


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