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Court of the Dead

Nov 28, 2010

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SNEAK PEEK: Tenacious Blue Puppy Dunny by ZAM

This awful cute blue puppy 3-inch Dunny by ZAM is a very kind gesture on his part: he invited us to do up some dunnys for the Almighty Dunny Show and although I really want to start doing customs, I don't have time at this time of year to do much of anything besides packing and shipping orders.
After all this time in the art toy world, it's really sorta silly that I've never shown off my artistic side... anyway, ZAM is a much more talented and experienced customizer than me, so he kindly offered to create a 3-inch Dunny in the likeness of our blue Danger Dog logo:
I think ZAM's Blue Puppy dunny came out looking GREAT, and I can't wait to see it up on display at Halcyon alongside all the other customs at The Almighty Dunny Show! Here are some more images:


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