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Court of the Dead

Sep 30, 2009

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SushiBot available for preorder through PatchTogether

Preorder SushiBot now for only $30 (special preorder price) at PatchTogether.
Design by by Pez Banana from Venezuela.

Do you like sushi?
Do you love robots?
Now they come to life together in the form of cute, quirky -and occasionally mischievous- little robots!Sushibots can be whatever and whoever you like, but they start out as three of the most popular varieties of makizushi: Alaskabot (alaska roll), Ebibot (ebi roll), and Calibot (california roll).Sushibots are ready to fill your day with coolness, love, and flavor! (and a hint of fresh geekiness).
Price before production start: $29.95
Price after prototype made: $35
Height : 5.5 inch
Medium : Resin
AND, we may be able to get a special exclusive colorway of this figure for Tenacious Toys! More on that later...


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