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Court of the Dead

Aug 29, 2017

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Warlords of Wor Line of Action Figures Joins Glyos System

A project 5 years in the making, WARLORDS OF WOR is finally joining the Glyos System family of toys.

ManOrMonster? Studios has teamed up with Onell Design and Spy Monkey Creations to bring WARLORDS OF WOR to life as the first official sister line to Spy Monkey's BATTLE TRIBES.  Building on the standard Battle Tribes buck, Warlords of Wor introduces a number of new parts to create and customize your ultimate battlefield barbarian.

The line kicks off with three new figures: the Gol Warrior (blue creature), Nekroid Nightstalker (gray zombie), and the series' iconic villain, Bog-Nar (classic green).

Each figure features 10 points of articulation and comes packed with 20 Glyos compatible parts and accessories made in the same quality PVC as all Onell and Glyos System toys.

They were first offered for sale this past Sunday, 8/27 at the Indiana Toy and Comic Expo in Bloomington, IN. Online sales started this week at

Follow @warlordsofwor on Instagram, and check out the all-new which will be launching soon.


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