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Court of the Dead

Feb 9, 2017

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February TEASERS from The Artpin Collection

The Artpin Collection is preparing for some cool releases this month and teased a bunch of designs for limited edition hard enamel pins by top of the line artists.  This month's releases will feature designs by Nathan Jurevicius, Martin Ontiveros, and Kozyndan, a great selection for all you avid art and pin collectors:
Nathan Jurevicius's Arianrhod will be released in two majestic colorways (edition of 75 only each).

Vampyramid by Martin Ontiveros is a winged demonic blood-sucking pyramid, and it's so metal.

Bunny Blossom will feature the iconic Ukiyo-e inspired design by Kozyndan, with the Sakura festivals just around the corner. Check out this cool video teaser (watch with the sound on)

All the designs will go for $12 a pop, with the release dates yet to be confirmed. Look out for these, as well as for earlier designs release by The Artpin Collection, at Rotofugi !


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