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Court of the Dead

Nov 8, 2016

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Aerobicide, The Extreme Ninja Workout!

Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout on kickstarter

Aerobicide, The Extreme Ninja Workout!

Aerobicide, The Extreme Ninja Workout on Kickstarter.

Introducing Aerobicide, a retro-action comic book set in the 1980s. Featuring: Aerobics, Heavy Metal, Yuppies, Weightlifters, and Ninjas.
Original Stretch Goals were met in 2 weeks!

Intro from the artist and creator, Terry Parr.

Hi, my name is Terry Parr from Shonuff Studio. Aerobicide is my personal passion project. I have been wanting to do a creator owned comic, starring an Asian-American hero for a while. 
Characters of Aerobicide.

I also love the 1980's and really wanted to channel that energy into a comic book. I decided to take Heavy Metal, Punk rock, BMX, Breakdancing, Aerobics, Yuppies, VHS, and Ninjas... put them into a blender and Aerobicide: The Extreme Ninja Workout was the result! Aerobicspoitation as it's finest.

A totally RAD 80's caricature tier!

We (Shonuff! Studio) never expected an "outsider" indie comic to be fully funded in the 1st 24hrs! 
Sample page of the upcoming, Aerobicide!

8-Bit Action Figures by SongBirdBeauty!

Now we're in the last 48hr stretch to the end and we've blown passed all of our initial stretch goals!

You can check out the Aerobicide Kickstarter right here!
We're LIVE for another 48hrs!


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