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Court of the Dead

Apr 21, 2016

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Sailor Moon Funko POP Anime Figures Coming in July

Coming in July from Funko: a whole series of Sailor Moon POPs, including Sailor Moon & Luna, Sailor Venus & Artemis, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask! Add yourself to our email list to stay on top of this one. Saw these in person, they look really superb. The Sailor Moon POPs will be available on our website and in our Amazon shop in July 2016.

Pop! Anime: Sailor Moon
I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Moon!
In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!
Sailor Moon and Luna are coming
to Pop! Anime and they’re bringing their friends!

They’re joined by the intelligent Sailor Mercury, the passionate Sailor Mars,
courageous Sailor Jupiter, and beautiful Sailor Venus with her companion, Artemis!
No set is complete without the mysterious Tuxedo Mask!


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