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Court of the Dead

May 23, 2015

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VIDEO: Scratch Designs and Sculpts a Tenacious Toys Dog Custom

Scratch (one of our customers) decided she was going to do a one-off custom of our blue dog logo and give it to me!!!!!

All of a sudden I got this frikkin sweet custom in the mail! This piece now lives proudly in the glass case in our apartment. Definitely one of my favorites, along with the Benny/Thor action figures that Kris Dulfer and Jason Chalker made for me!

I am so honored and blessed to have such talented and giving customers, it makes me want to give back more to all of you!

Hmm... now what can I give away? Aside from stickers, which I'm already sending out like a crazy sticker freak...

Check this awesome video which shows a little bit of her sculpting process:


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