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Court of the Dead

Nov 12, 2014

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Genetic Code by unbound25 - preorder this Korean art toy set direct from them

Everyone would like to keep their childhoods’ innocence, but they are vulnerable in front of the reality.

‘Genetic Code’ stands for hereditary transmission that we, ‘humans,’ go through.

We try to express the transmission by representing 2 bulldogs containing cute and rough images, respectively.

For example, the ‘Adorable Baby Bulldog’ embodies our childhoods’ innocence which seems hard to be kept through time and tide.

In other words, the innocence (the inner world) along with outward appearance is vulnerable to changes as we grow up.

In short, this product is our expression of changes from innocence to roughness.

As a matter of fact, this is a quite normal and natural phenomenon (whoever the one is), likely to heredity.

  • Pre - order
  • 20 pc limited edition
  • 5.5 inch | Resin
  • The product includes  : Baby bulldog & Rough bulldog
  • Price : 180 usd + Shipping cost
  • Payment by PAYPAL
  • Order by email (
  • Date of delivery : 30 days after the payment
Caution :

  • The paint can be removed by frequent touch.
  • The actual color could be different from the one on your screen.


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