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Court of the Dead

Nov 10, 2014

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Sparky the Spacepirate by Crux Delgado

Crux Delgado recently completed a custom 4" Munny called "Sparky The Space Pirate", for an online art show titled "Space Pirates". Now, the concept of an online only art show is quite absurd. Unless the FB Page hosting the show pays the proper premiums and does amazing press, the crowd which is going to see the show randomly is going to be quite limited. Even more so because of the strange limitations FB places on feeds. The online show aside, Crux's work is pretty cool. Using Super Sculpy and acrylic paint, "Sparky The Space Pirate" features some nice sculpting and even some fabric work. Crux enlisted his wife "Claraphi" to make the clothing. Overall, a very nice piece, which will be available through Crux's online shop for $180 (another problem with an online show, sales and shipping are typically handled by the artist). Be sure to check out the "show" on 11/14/14, through the Space Pirates FB page.



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