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Court of the Dead

Mar 3, 2014

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Art Toy Starter Kits by Tenacious Toys

So after the success of our Lucky Bags and some constructive feedback from the community, I decided to offer a new type of package for those of you who don't like surprises: an "Art Toy Starter Kit."

Tenacious Toys Art Toy Starter Kits make a great introduction to the art toy collecting hobby. They make great gifts, or as your first art toy purchase. I've carefully selected a diverse group of toys to round out this Starter Kit, representing several different artists and manufacturers. Best of all, we're offering these Kits at a steep discount off the retail price.

Currently we have one kit available at the $45 price point which contains the following items:

▪ (1) 5" Mini Qee designed by Voltaire and produced by Toy2R (you get either the Sleezter or the Deady character)
▪ (1) 3" Crackal figure designed by Jonny Wan and produced by Dudebox
▪ (1) blind-boxed 3" Transformers figure produced by The Loyal Subjects (could be one of several different characters)
▪ (1) Exclusive Blue Bunnywith figure by Alex Pardee
▪ (1) 1.5" Punkstar Frenzies keychain produced by tokidoki
▪ (1) Exclusive white five-piece DIY OMFG figure set, containing designs from 5 different artists, and produced by October Toys

This kit has a retail value of $75+.


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