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Court of the Dead

Oct 9, 2013

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Sinister Sisters Android Series Drops 3PM EST on VinylRiot

I want to share a small series I put together with VinylRiot, the "Sinister Sisters" Android series, which drops today at 3PM EST. These 5 Androids are inspired by a painting of mine from this year, "Cordelia's Bad Hair Day". And being like her little sisters, each is hand-painted in a different colourway sold blindbox style here.
One order of a Sinister Sister Android will also receive a bonus 11x14" signed art print of Cordelia's Bad Hair Day as an extra gift.

These custom androids retail for 85$ea with free domestic shipping and a 1/5 chance of receiving the free gift print. When they drop at 3PM, they'll be available here.

"Cordelia's Bad Hair Day"



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