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Court of the Dead

Jul 1, 2013

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SoKo Cat accepting Pre-Orders for her Candy/Caramel Apple Custom Dunny Series

SoKo Cat reveals her newest custom set Candy/Caramel Apple dunnys. These delicious little rascals will melt your heart and give you cavities at first sight!  Just to be clear, they are not edible, so please don't try to consume them!

Updates to come: the addition of a stick, a bit of detail on the top of the apple, artificial sprinkles/nuts on the candy/caramel coat.

The dunnys are available for pre-order in SoKo Cat's store for $50 and will ship as soon as they are finished. 

If you'd like to know more about SoKo Cat, you can visit her blog, follow her on Instagram, and/or check out her store!


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