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Court of the Dead

Dec 24, 2012

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Hermit Tank, circa 1886

Just look at these amazing customs from DeeTen!
 "Here's my latest custom toy release: Hermit Tank, circa 1886

They are custom 3" dunnys. Metal, wood, vinyl, and clay.

The Hermit Tanks were discovered by our team of explorers during the Expedition of 1886 into the only known parallel world. During our team’s stay at Titan, the great underwater city, they found these little machines scurrying through the streets, cleaning or collecting waste. When the subject of the hermit tanks arose during leisure time with the natives our explorers discovered that their true origin is not known, even to them. When Titan was constructed, the large glass domes that incase the city were in built first. Several weeks after their completion construction crews noticed groups of these strange tiny creatures gathering by the glass, each day bringing more. The crews assumed the glow of the city in construction was attracting them but they could not investigate until the pressure inside of the dome had reached a safe level. Divers retrieved several of the tanks initially thinking they were crabs only to discover they were machines. The hermit tanks breached the dome by entering on the backs of any and all objects moving into or out of the city’s port system. Once inside the dome the tanks just became a part of the city, like wildlife. They have a nasty habit of firing needles of glass from the three turret-like structures on the face of their bodies. The team noted their accuracy was impeccable as several were seen shooting down houseflies. Our team was told that these machines were heavily weathered by the sea and required much attention when first introduced to the air environment. Divers noticed these machines only came from one direction, west on the sea floor. They followed a trail of parts and corroded hermit tanks to what is now thought of as the location of the City of Atlantis. Hundreds of Atlantean statues have been excavated with thousands remaining. The remains of many tanks lie within the center of the crater surrounded by the relics. The natives of Titan believe the hermit tanks to be refugees of Atlantis.

The tanks are for sale now at for $85 each with free shipping to the continental US. These are not blind boxed so choice between the regular or variant is okay, provided they haven't sold out. There are 3 regular "restored" tanks while there are 2 "unrestored" tanks. This release has five tanks total." - DeeTen

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