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Court of the Dead

Jul 18, 2011

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COOL SHIT AT SDCC: JellyMussel plushes by JellyFace

The new JellyMussel plushies will be revealed at DKE Toys booth #4728. JellyMussels come in 4 sizes: from the XXL to the pocket size (from 25 to 6 inches long). The email JellyFace sent us said "Please stop by and say hello..." which is quite vague. Will these new plushes be SOLD at the DKE Toys booth? I sure hope so. It's be nuts to roll up with new plushes and not sell some... DKE is a distributor so at the very least, the JellyMussels will be available to retailers after SDCC.

If you pollute the sea, watch your back! JellyMussel might bite your ....

Character bio:
Do you hear a murmur from the seabed? A whisper? Some JellyMussel are gathering, coming from all over the ocean … JellyMussel are enraged at the polluted ocean and they are going to get a revenge! A revenge with no half measures. Be careful, they are watching you!


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