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Court of the Dead

Sep 15, 2009

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Rollies Custom Show Artist Call: Nemo x Tenacious x All the Right

We have another custom show coming up with a due date of Halloween weekend, last weekend in October.

This is a collaboration between us (Tenacious Toys) and NEMO (NYC-based sculptor Mike Mendez). Mike was kicking this idea around and I was like, let's go for it! So here it is:
Nemo wants to use little roll-on deodorant bottles (Rollies!) as custom platforms! And why not? With a sexy little organic shape, these specific Rollies are cheap, plastic and made in China just like everything else you customize. BUT, these only cost 99 cents! (That's important, as I discovered last month sending out the Bombs!)

The Rollies are as pictured below- they are all Ban brand or one of the Avon brands: Skin So Soft, etc...) so they are easy to locate.
However, if you can't find one for yourself, we have easy access to them here in NYC and we can mail one to you for a couple bucks.
$3 gets an emptied-out Rollie shipped to your door if you are in the US or Canada. Shipping overseas is slightly more but still very affordable.

If you are interested in participating, please email back!

Flyers appear below but here are the full details:

Friday, October 30th, 7PM (Devils' Night!!!!)
All the Right graffiti supply store
3561 Junction Blvd
Corona, Queens, NY

Customs are due October 29th if you are mailing them in. If you are showing up in person, try to do so early so we can get the pieces set up!

Tenacious Toys
PO Box 287042
New York, NY 10128

Why not? You're going to destroy & paint over the platform anyway, who says that has to be expensive? Mike loves interesting shapes and he'd been thinking about using the Rollies as platforms for years so I just felt he should carry that idea through!

Nemo is Mike Mendez, a NY-based sculptor and artist who's quickly making his mark in the toy world as the go-to guy for sculpting projects and super-detailed customs.
Nemo's email is:

In addition to the show at All the Right in Queens, Tenacious Toys already has a section dedicated to the Rollies customs.
Nemo and Tenacious will be posting up about the show on our blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter.. you get the idea.
We'll be feeding info to the toy blogs and my dad's getting Nemo's logo tattooed on his back!

Custom Rollies will be for sale! The proceeds from any sale will be split 50/50 between the artist and the curators. For potential buyers not in the NYC area, the Rollies will also be for sale on for 4-6 weeks. Customs may be returned to artist at any time after that at your request.

We'd love to have you participate!

Benny & Nemo

From NEMO:
........hey whats cookin,I along with Tenacious Toys would like to invite you to a custom art show im having for halloween here in nyc,The platform is a BAN roll on deoderant Bottle! lol YES thats right! as a sculpter and toy designer im always looking at interesting shapes and mediums i can custom,and have always thought this shape would be a kool and cheap platform to work in,so i tried my hand and came up with the daywalker piece you see on the flyer!After such a great response even after telling people what the original piece is i came up with the idea to put this show together ,I think it would be awsome to see what other artist come up with! Let me know if you have time to do it,would be inspiring to see what you come up with,any questions let me know...thank you for your time ... NEMO, Mike mendez


  1. Is the address above the address to which we mail our pieces? This one?

    All the Right graffiti supply store
    3561 Junction Blvd
    Corona, Queens, NY

    Thanks, guys!

  2. No sorry, I neglected to put in that info like a moron (I am a newbie at the custom game!)

    All the Right is the location of the custom show.

    However, if you are mailing your custom back to me, my address is as follows:
    Tenacious Toys
    PO Box 287042
    New York, NY 10128


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