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April 6, 2012

Carson Catlin fungusamongus for Playsam 500 show at Super7

Carson Catlin writes:
 Here is my contribution to the Playsam 500 show at Super7Store in San Francisco on April 28th.
This is the first time I have ever worked with wood, and boy was it fun. I started by sketching out the design and then slowly drilled away with a Dremmel. My goal was to achieve something similar to my cuts pieces but came away with a mushroom looking thingy. That's why its called fungusamongus. I painted the wheels with light green acrylic and finished them with a high gloss lacquer. The body was stained twice and then sanded down to reveal the unstained wood. To finish it and give a it warm gloss I waxed the car a bunch, like for at least three hours.