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Court of the Dead

Nov 21, 2017

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Back the Lucky Cat Sofubi Kickstarter by Vincent Scala


 Who is Lucky Cat? Lucky Cat is by far my most obsessive drawing to date. He lands on almost every page of my sketchbook. With his half missing arm and missing eye there, he makes you wonder how can he be so lucky? He is branded with the lucky 13 on his belly to guide him through his troubles ! There is something very cute about him, but also an air of mystery to his personality as well as how he lost his arm and eye ! We will all know soon enough in the mini- comic included with the vinyl toy. I think he has a mischievous side !!

Bigger is Better!

I wanted to go bigger. Why not !!! Here is a direct comparison with the Mickey Monster and Lucky Cat is much bulkier and larger than Mickey Monster. I also tried my best to keep the cost down so that he could be shared with as many people as possible.

 $50 for a toy, what are you nuts !!!! Yes !!!! Very !!!! Compared to most Japanese toys this is cheap, especially for his size. I will also be creating a cool box to package him in. Speaking of package......
Be Part of the Toy: I want everyone here to be a part of the toy. Every person who has sponsored the vinyl reward will be part of the package. I will be including all of the names on the box in a fun way.

About Vincent Scala: Hey everyone ! I'm giving this another shot !!!! Here is your chance to get a Lucky Cat. I will only be making 100 of this cat in his true color of Tiffany Blue !!!!! I also want to keep it simple. Two rewards. Pin and Toy with a bunch of extras for each.  I am Vincent Scala. I have been a professional illustrator for the past 14 years. I have my own short on the Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Facebook Page - "Dia De Los Tacos". (There may be a cat who looks familiar !!!) 
 If you're not familiar with my work I'm sure you have seen some of the work I have created for clients. I was a designer on Dora the Explorer, Team Umi Zumi as well as many other Nickelodeon shows.. I have also animated music videos for Steve Aoki, Flux Pavilion and Rome of Sublime with Rome.


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