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Court of the Dead

Oct 2, 2015

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ICYMI: RAKU Wooden Toy by Pepe Hiller

Swiss artist Pepe Hiller loves to create pieces of art using wood. His latest sold out release is called RAKU. Limited to just 5 handmade pieces, RAKU is a 5" wood toy that was priced at only $120 plus shipping. RAKU is made out of a various types of wood, including alder, smoked oak wood and walnut. RAKU also features a brass hearth on it's chest, while the sword is made out a beautiful wenge wood, brass parts and a leather handle.

More about RAKU from Pepe:
"RAKU appreciate the various moods and sentiments suggested by the snow, the moon, and the trees and flowers, as they go through the transformation of seasons, appearing and disappearing, blooming and withering. 
If RAKU uses his sword, he makes it serve to give life to others. And while fought on many battlefields his true passion and mastery is brewing the finest and most delicious tea in all the seven woods. You can watch him listen quietly to the boiling water in the kettle, which sounds like a breeze passing through the pine needles. Legend has it that if you drink a bowl of tea together with RAKU you will become oblivious of all worldly woes and worries."

Be sure to follow Pepe Hiller on social media if you don't want to miss out on any future release Pepe will have.


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