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Court of the Dead

Nov 5, 2014

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MICROFEAR - Tiny Horror Scene Dioramas

Six scenes of tiny terror

A fantastic new Kickstarter has popped up, and it'll be especially interesting to all the miniature figure lovers and gamers out there.

MicroFear is a new line of tiny dioramas based on classic horror scenes from movies and books. Each piece is crafted with a process that retains impressive sculptural detail like you wouldn't believe, and at an incredibly small scale!

Note: Dioramas do not actually assemble themselves.

Each MicroFear comes with a wooden base, resin scenery, a bronze figure (those scenes with a figure) and even decorative items like real sand.  There are six scenes for this Kickstarter; The Mummy, Bigfoot, The Nanny (It was all for you!!), The House of the Sociopath (stay out of the shower), The Pit and the Pendulum, and Spook Shack.  I went with the fully painted and assembled Bigfoot level since my painting skills wouldn't come close to doing that thing justice.

MicroFears are fully funded but there's only ten days left to pick a reward level you want.  Rewards start at just $25.



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