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Court of the Dead

Jul 18, 2014

Custom Doctor Who "Vashta Nerada" NASA Test Pilot figure by Evilos

Christopher Avalos, aka Evilos, recently completed a pretty sweet custom Doctor Who "Vashta Nerada" 1/6 scale NASA Test Pilot figure. Contained within a 14" dome case, this custom Doctor Who 12" figure is currently for sale on Ebay for $499 plus shipping. Of course, a prospective buyer could always message Evilos directly to see if there is any wiggle room. Turning the mostly white original figure into what looks to be a NASA pilot whose suit has seen some better days, was a great idea.

Even better, there is a story behind the figure. From Evilos, the history behind Vashta Nerada:
In a mad scrabble by the United States to retrieve a malfunctioning spy satellite in 1960, Nasa secretly sent up the first human into space. An unknown test pilot code named 001 was tasked with the job. His mission, to retrieve vital intel and destroy the satellite before the Russians were able to. The Russians who were only a few months away from their own launch were well aware of what was going on and pushed their space program into full gear. Astronaut 001 was successful in getting to the satellite in record time. But what he found was unsettling to both the pilot and to NASA, his last transmission both scared and perplexed everyone. "Oh my God… the Shadows" was his last transmission and repeated for hours before the signal faded out.

At this time the NASA Mercury 7 program had been in full effect trying to get back up into space to see what happened. In 1961 the Russians knowing the USA had sent up a human in secret, used this opportunity to send up publicly their own cosmonaut for political and propaganda purposes. When Yuri Gagarin got to the satellite he found Pilot 001 in a "Zombie" like state which scared the hell out of him. Radioing back to Russia that the USA had some secret weapon up there. Not knowing that astronaut "Zombie" was in fact the alien entity "Vashta Nerada" which ate the test pilots flesh and was inhabiting his suit. At this point it was too late. Yuri had double shadows and an emergency escape mission was initiated.

On his way down Yuri was over taken by the Vashta Nerada and was shot down by the Russians, who claimed reentry vehicle malfunction. Putting Yuri in the history books and Pilot 001 to burn up along with the spy satellite upon atmospheric reentry.

For all those interested, be sure to hit up Evilos for more information on how to own this great custom.


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