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Court of the Dead

Oct 2, 2013

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NYCC 2013 Signing Schedule for Tenacious Collective Booth 208 - New York Comic Con

Booth 208 is a collective booth, meaning we are essentially sharing a large space.

Each of us in this booth has our own designated floor space and table.
What this means, for you as an attendee, is that there might be different events and signings you want to attend at different spots in Booth 208.
Each member of our collective has their own signing schedule.

In order to bring all of that chaos together, I will list the signings below chronologically, and I'll tell you which member of our collective is hosting that artist. It's one giant booth with no walls, so even if you show up at the wrong end, we'll all point you in the right direction!

All of the info about our NYCC booth can be found here on our website.


  • 4:00PM: Adam "Small Angry Monster" Pratt - (painting live at Tenacious Toys)
  • 5:00PM: Tony Gil - (at Tenacious Toys)
  • 6:00PM: Peter "Killer Bootlegs" Goral - (at Tenacious Toys)


  • 12:00PM: SoKo Cat - (at KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)

  • 12:00PM: Jerkface painting live until 5PM - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 1:00PM: Thomas Hall of Robot 13 - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 1:00PM: Rsin - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)

  • 2:00PM: Juan Muniz - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 3:00PM: Nerviswr3k - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 3:00PM: Scott Kinnebrew - (at KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)

  • 3:00PM: Crummy Gummy - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)

  • 4:00PM: Blazon Brikhaus - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 4:30PM: Jason Chalker - (at KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)

  • 5:00PM: SoKo Cat - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)

  • 11:00AM: Jason Freeny - (at Tenacious Toys)

  • 12:00PM: Jerkface painting live until 5PM - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 12:00PM: Scott Kinnebrew - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 1:00PM: Allen "AW177" Wen - (at KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)

  • 1:00PM: Rsin - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 1:00PM: JC Rivera - (at Tenacious Toys)

  • 1:30PM: Blazon Brikhaus - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)

  • 2:00PM: Nerviswr3k - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 3:00PM: Scott Kinnebrew - (at Tenacious Toys)

  • 3:30PM: Miss Zukie - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)
  • 4:00PM: VISEone - (at Tenacious Toys)

  • 4:00PM: Matt A* - (at SubUrban Vinyl)
  • 5:00PM: Mike "NEMO" Mendez - (at Suburban Vinyl)

  • 5:30PM: Mr. Lunacy - (at Playful Gorilla / 4theluvoftoyz)

  • 12:00PM: Jerkface painting live until 5PM - (at Suburban Vinyl)


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